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At AJK Family Dentistry, we focus on giving our patients and their families the highest quality dentistry possible. We use modern dental technology to make each of your visits quick and pain-free. 

Our goal is to get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible. 

Your oral health is always our top priority, but it doesn't have to be stressful. We work with patients to keep their teeth and gums happy without ever raising their stress levels. 

Digital Impressions

Not many patients genuinely enjoy the visceral experience that is gooey impression paste. Fortunately, at AJK Family Dentistry, we can make quick, precise, and mess-free impressions in just minutes.

Using leading-edge technology, our TRIOS scanner allows us to take impressions digitally. The ease, comfort, and accuracy of these impressions are unparalleled. 

Whether you're interested in dental crowns, bridgework, veneers, orthodontic treatment, or other restorative or cosmetic treatment, we can keep measurements accurate without the goo.

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Nitrous Oxide

Do you have dental fear that might put your oral health at risk? At AJK Family Dentistry, we are here to help you overcome your fears.

Dental anxiety can prevent patients from seeking the oral health treatments they need. In fact, millions of American adults routinely list dental work high on their list of phobias.

We provide gentle and relaxing nitrous oxide sedation to allow patients to relax. More importantly, this allows our dentist, Dr. Kennedy, the ability to fully work on your teeth and gums without negative feedback or having to cut things short. 

We control the level of sedation you receive, and at the end of the treatment, you will be able to drive home safely.

Intraoral Cameras

It's one thing to be told what your oral health condition looks like, but what if you could view it for yourself?

At AJK Family Dentistry, you can!

Intraoral cameras allow us to make close-up pictures of your teeth and gums in the way that we see them. Oral health conditions like gum recession, broken teeth, damaged dental crowns, and more can be easily viewed by patients as we explain how they can impact oral health.  

The images can be transferred digitally, so we can store them in your patient file or send it out to your insurance network provider or specialist as needed. 


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Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces provide a level of control and comfort for both the patient and the doctor by minimizing patient comfort and operator fatigue. 

Faster preparation with electric handpieces translates to less heat buildup at the surface of the tooth.

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